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Here you can find everything what you need regarding translations and proofreading and all of that in theseveral language combinations that we offer.

We provide general translations and technical translations of any kind of textas well asproofreading and editorial office. Do not hesitate to contacts us for any information.


Our translations are of high quality and our translators are always therefor you, ready to help. Our longtime experience allows us to deliverbest quality translationsquickly and reliably.

We always adapt our services (translations, editorial officeandproofreading) to the market and the environment where they are being needed.

Our goal is to come up to the expectations of our clients with the best possible professional work.

We deliver our translations also in a short-term according to your requirement and we always guarantee professionalism and accuracy.


Our translators are skilled professional translators working in the following languages:German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Sardinian, Corsican, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Hungarian and vice versa. Here you can see our references.


If you want to know moreabout our services (translations, editorial office  and  proof reading) we are any time available at +436602803851.

You can also always see  a price list of our services (translations, editorial office and proof reading) as well as request an estimate of costs free of charge by sending us our application form.




  GENERAL AND TECHNICAL TRANSLATIONS We offer translations of diverse kinds of texts in many languages. Our offer comprises the following languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian, French, Catalan, Sardinian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Greek. We offer



  You can send us any kind of text in order to check it, correct it or improve it and we will do it for you. We offer a complete revision, beginning from an orthographic and grammar check until a



  Here you can submit us an application for a translation or proofreading. You can also send us anytime a text for an evaluation free of charge and without commitment and we will inform you about the estimated costs. We