Medizinische Texte

We occupy ourselves with the translation of medicine texts that can be either specialized texts or private texts, which have to do with the illness or usage of medicines. Furthermore, we also deal with pharmaceutical texts. Our translators know the specialized terminology and have special medicine knowledge, without mentioning the fact that you can entrust ourselves with your personal information, which will be 100% secure and protected. You can assure yourself of our quality by looking through our references.

Translation of medicine and pharmaceutical texts covers:

  • Translation of medical reports
  • Translation of instructions about using medicines
  • Translation of medical assignments
  • Translation of medical articles and studies
  • Translation of descriptions of medicines and their effects or ingredients
  • Translation of flyers and leaflets
  • Translation of phrase books about medical subjects in different languages


If you want to know moreabout our services (translations, editorial office  and  proof reading) we are any time available at +436601842638.

You can also always see  a price list of our services (translations, editorial office and proof reading) as well as request an estimate of costs free of charge by sending us our application form.




We offer translations of diverse kinds of texts in many languages.

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