ANDERE FACHЬBERSETZUNGENApart from medical, technical, economic and juridical texts we offer also other kinds of specialized translations:

–Translations of texts with sports subjects
–Translations of texts with artistic topics
–Translations of texts from tourism field
–Translations of historic texts

Included in the above mentioned are: newspaper articles about sport or art, scientific historical studies, hotel offers, reservations and description of accommodation or interesting information about your holiday destination as well as short phrase books or language guides so that you can feel homelike everywhere.


If you want to know moreabout our services (translations, editorial office  and  proof reading) we are any time available at +436601842638.

You can also always see  a price list of our services (translations, editorial office and proof reading) as well as request an estimate of costs free of charge by sending us our application form.